Family Office

Looking after business families.


  • Structuring of interests for family business
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Support for business families in selection of financial services offered by professional providers
  • Representation of family interests
  • Succession
  • Family Governance
  • Advice and support in times of strategic decisions
  • Stabilisation of operations and continuity in crisis situations

This area is under the special care of Tomasz Budziak, a leading Polish specialist in the field of family business.

Our offer is addressed not only to wealthy families with a lot of cash, but primarily to entrepreneurial families. Usually, support is not required in cash management, but rather the management of assets mixed between business, investment and private affairs. Also outside Poland.
Business families are perfectly able to run their companies. Otherwise, they would never be successful.
Paradoxically, the rules imposed by legal regulations and the financial market on economic operators require certain standards of documentation, control and behaviour.
It is different in the case of property and interests of business families.
There are no imposed rules for control, management and reporting beyond the minimum required by the Inland Revenue. However, what if family interests are distributed among a number of companies, financial vehicles, real estate and art collections, all under different legislations, and the family members are constantly on the move around the world?
How to manage, control and optimise them? How to multiply family assets for future generations?
Accounting services of the companies owned by a business family often do not have access to all the affairs of their owners – they neither should nor can gain it.
This requires other tools, skills and capabilities based on close contact and trust between an expert and members of the business family.

Using the experience gained during cooperation with both Polish and foreign business families, we offer assistance to business families as part of our Family Office service, which includes:

Structuring of interests for family business

  • Polish and international tax optimisation
  • Establishing and running structures that administer the family assets and interests


Monitoring and reporting

  • Business family accounting, consolidation of asset classes and various jurisdictions
  • Internal control and audit of business run by hired staff from the perspective of business family
  • Monitoring of risk and threats
  • Benchmarking
  • Control of costs and providers, including in terms of non-business assets


Support for business families in selection of financial services offered by professional providers

  • Insurance
  • Portfolio investments


Representation of family interests

  • In legal activity according to relevant powers of attorney
  • In statutory bodies of the companies in which the family is involved



  • Process planning
  • Process implementation


Family Governance

  • Advice on establishing the rules of Family Governance
  • Support of implementation of the rules of Family Governance in Corporate Governance
  • Cooperation in maintaining and changing Family Governance


To learn more about the succession in business families, see Tomasz Budziak’s blog at

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