Business Start-up & Domiciliary

technical support registration activities …


  • Registration support
  • Client representation before third parties
  • Investment analyses
  • Business address
  • Office space subrental
  • Mail handling
  • External marking
  • Liquidation and winding up

We know that it is not always easy to start a business, so we handle the issues of office location, secretary services, accounting, settlement and control of payments, official contacts and correspondence, while you can get down to business.
We also provide feasibility studies for business projects.

However, sometimes plans change and the business must be wound up. Our assistance in winding up will make it easier for you to exit the business and devote more time to some more prospective activity.

Sometimes there is no need for the investor to get involved or have its staff involved in business administration in Poland. Then, KBA, as a reliable partner, offers effective solutions to take care of the investor’s interests. Although Polish law does not require that the administrators must be of Polish nationality, in many cases people who are familiar with Polish legal, business and cultural environments can make a considerable contribution to a successful undertaking and reduce any related risks and costs.

Our team includes people suitably qualified in the area of management and finance, who can play the role of administrators of representations, branches or even companies until it becomes necessary to hire regular employees. Thanks to the established methods of authorisation and communication, the client is also in control of its companies, their assets and transactions.

According to the Polish law, the investor’s company must have a business address (under a lease contract or other legal title), a mailbox is not enough. It is necessary to register a company. As part of our outsourcing services, we support our Clients in meeting these requirements through our package service, which not only makes it possible to meet the formal requirements, but also to actually support remote business administration.

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