Support for owners and managers


  • Statutory audits
  • "Private" audits
  • Due Dilligence
  • Business mergers and divisions
  • Consolidation
  • Prospectuses

Our approach to audit services is based on the priority of reliable and useful information. It is particularly important for the company owners who are not able to personally see to every operation in their growing business.

Our audits are not only focused on the compliance with legal obligations, but mainly on the evaluation of business quality, thus going beyond routine operating procedures.
They often mark the beginning of cooperation in the area of deep business restructuring.

We attach great importance to working with business owners and the supervisory and management boards that represent their interests. The application of modern data processing techniques enables us to use innovative methods in order to identify the areas of highest financial risk for the company’s operations.

By applying them, we ensure greater safety for our Clients and an increased level of certainty that no material issues have been omitted during the review. Multi-level transnational consolidation processes fall within our routine operations.

The reliability of our work has been appreciated by investors. The financial statements of listed stock issuers audited by our company are the basis for good investment decisions. Our company and its auditors have participated in numerous Initial Public Offerings (IPO).

Our practical knowledge of IFRS derives from the services we provide to listed stock issuers and companies subject to cross-border consolidation. We are continuously improving our skills in this area.

Cooperation between auditors and the Family Office is especially valuable – it enables thorough and discreet control of all aspects of interests of business families on their behalf and to their benefit.

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