we have been operating since 1992


Brief History


1990A_uk– the first year of the structural changes in the Polish economy. In the same year, Maria Korycka and Tomasz Budziak establish a business consulting company. At the beginning of the transformation period, the company lays the foundations for auditing services.

1993_uk– Korycka, Budziak & Rewidenci (KBR) is established – the first partners, Maria Korycka and Tomasz Budziak, are joined by Jan and Krystyna Motławski. The synthesis of advisory, auditing and accounting functions enables fast development.

– KBR becomes a majority shareholder of Pro Invest Audyt, established in 1992, and in the following year fully integrates both companies as Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy sp. z o.o., i.e. into today’s KBA sp. z o.o.


2006_uk– the Partners change – Jan and Krystyna Motławski retire after many years of work. The company has more than 40 employees, including auditors, tax advisors, and chartered accountants.

2008_uk– all shares in the Krakow based Centrum Usług Księgowych sp. z o.o. are bought from Bank Pekao S.A., thus expanding the portfolio of real estate and financial services.


1992_uk– Pro-Invest Audyt (PIA) is established – one of its founders, Ewa Orkwiszewska, later would become one of our partners. PIA becomes a leading IPO prospectus auditor.

1998– KBR becomes a member and shareholder of the global auditing network S.C. International. It is oriented towards services for international clients and consolidated groups of companies.


2000_uk– the operations are consolidated under the new name of Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy in continuation of the legal existence of the former PIA. The company establishes a fixed position as a recognised auditing company regularly with Polish capital.

2007_uk– as a result of an international merger, SC International is combined with Nexia International. A worldwide network is set up and classified among the global top 10 accounting firms according to the International Accounting Bulletin.

2011_uk– adward – The Nexia International Firm of the Year Award



2015_ukMaria Korycka leaves the group of partners of Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy Sp. o.o., but continues to work as a tax advisor.


2016_ukThe name is reverted into the previous abbreviation – KBA sp. o.o. A new logo is used.