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a few words about us

Who are we?
a few words about us

For over 25 years, we have synthesised the experience acquired in the Polish market with the best international practices.

We support our clients in running and developing their businesses by providing them with auditing, tax and business advisory and accounting services. We specialise in working with companies that push the boundaries... of countries, technologies and human limitations.

Our team of more than thirty professionals put their skills at the disposal of our clients. Please see the individual tabs on our website to see our key personnel, our service range and other useful information.

famBusiness startup, Business close down

Registration support, administrative support, investment analyses. […]

ksiegoweAccounting Services

Optimal solutions guaranteeing the safety of customers are our priority. Reporting and the communication in 4 languages. […]


Long years of experience – international operations
Tax compliance and reporting | International taxation […]

dor_kAccounting Advisory Services

The list of our accounting advisory services includes designing company accounting systems, control tools, cooperation in the deployment of IT management and automated accounting systems. […]

bus1Business Start-up & Domiciliary
We support our clients in meeting the requirement of having a business address in Poland. […]

wycenAppraisals and Business Advisory Services

We are facilitating taking investment decisions and negotiations. […]

kadryyHuman recources payroll and insurance

Employers do not benefit from complex regulations, thus our assistance may be priceless. […]


Brief History


1990A_uk– the first year of the structural changes in the Polish economy. In the same year, Maria Korycka and Tomasz Budziak establish a business consulting company. At the beginning of the transformation period, the company lays the foundations for auditing services.

1993_uk– Korycka, Budziak & Rewidenci (KBR) is established – the first partners, Maria Korycka and Tomasz Budziak, are joined by Jan and Krystyna Motławski. The synthesis of advisory, auditing and accounting functions enables fast development.

– KBR becomes a majority shareholder of Pro Invest Audyt, established in 1992, and in the following year fully integrates both companies as Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy sp. z o.o., i.e. into today’s KBA sp. z o.o.


2006_uk– the Partners change – Jan and Krystyna Motławski retire after many years of work. The company has more than 40 employees, including auditors, tax advisors, and chartered accountants.

2008_uk– all shares in the Krakow based Centrum Usług Księgowych sp. z o.o. are bought from Bank Pekao S.A., thus expanding the portfolio of real estate and financial services.


1992_uk– Pro-Invest Audyt (PIA) is established – one of its founders, Ewa Orkwiszewska, later would become one of our partners. PIA becomes a leading IPO prospectus auditor.

1998– KBR becomes a member and shareholder of the global auditing network S.C. International. It is oriented towards services for international clients and consolidated groups of companies.


2000_uk– the operations are consolidated under the new name of Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy in continuation of the legal existence of the former PIA. The company establishes a fixed position as a recognised auditing company regularly with Polish capital.

2007_uk– as a result of an international merger, SC International is combined with Nexia International. A worldwide network is set up and classified among the global top 10 accounting firms according to the International Accounting Bulletin.

2011_uk– adward – The Nexia International Firm of the Year Award



2015_ukMaria Korycka leaves the group of partners of Korycka, Budziak & Audytorzy Sp. o.o., but continues to work as a tax advisor.


2016_uk– The name is reverted into the previous abbreviation – KBA sp. o.o. A new logo is used.


Nexia International

Since 1998, we have been a shareholder of a global network of consulting and audit firms. First, S.C. International and then, as a result of a merger in 2008, NEXIA International. Our companies of independent auditors, tax and business advisers from around the world decided to join forces and merge into a group that is among the world's Top 10 providers of audit and advisory services.

In 2014, Nexia International attained total revenue of USD 3.072 billion from professional services. Its potential is almost 600 offices in over 110 countries, with more than 24 thousand professionals to better respond to the growing needs of clients, not only in individual countries, but primarily on a global scale.

For KBA and our clients, cooperation within Nexia International means the following:
• access to services at Nexia offices worldwide, in accordance with harmonised standards,
• the ability to create international teams, e.g. in the field of international tax optimisation, cross-border consolidation, due diligence and corporate finance,
• focus on the segment of clients who need strong support in international structures. Our membership of Nexia International has no effect on the contractual relations with our clients and our ownership and management structure.
Cooperation within the structure of Nexia International allows us to accompany our clients in running and development of their business in Poland, but further throughout Europe, with particular emphasis on not only Western Europe, but also Eastern Europe and the Balkans – the range of Nexia International offices in the region of Central and Eastern Europe is shown in a special brochure.

To obtain more information, please contact us and read our legal note